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It all started with a passion.  I (Matt) started out with a Samsung point-and-shoot camera, taking pictures of family and backwoods adventures. Slowly that hobby turned into photographing friends/family and eventually clients. From there I was introduced to the world of video and instantly fell in love, from then on telling stories was all that mattered. 

We started this company on June 1st / 2018. Steph (my partner and entrepreneur) convinced me to do this full time. He said, "This is what you were meant to do and you won't be happy unless you do." I agreed under one condition... that he ran the business.  Without hesitation, he was in.

We approached friends and business acquaintances and quickly lined up some work. At this point we didn't even have a facebook page yet. From there it grew much faster than we could have ever imagined. We have built some amazing relationships with some even more amazing clients. 

One thing that we both felt necessary to run this company and brand was to be genuine. We never claim to be the end all and be all in the media world. What we do promise is that no one comes close to our passion and determination. We want to tell YOUR story in the most authentic way possible. We want to help figure out who you and your business are.. who you REALLY are. Our goal is to help build lasting relationships between you and your clients. 

-Matt and Steph 


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