Frequently Asked Questions


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At the end of the day we are a branding company. We help clients determine how they want to portray themselves to their audience in the most genuine way possible. We do that through photo, video, audio and design.

whats the difference in hiring you and doing it myself?

You can ABSOLUTELY do this yourself! Both phones and budget cameras have progressed so much over the years! YouTube has endless videos on how to edit and produce your own content! We will not arguing that! However think of it this way… your able to bring your trash to the dump every week (even if you only have a car) but you don’t…

why choose you over another company?

This is a great question, and one that we want to help YOU with as well! We base our business on relationships. EVERYONE has a camera and is labelled as a “professional “. Rather than basing our company as a commodity and competing on prices and tearing other people down we would rather build a brand that other people/business are proud to partner with.

Do you only take on clients who own BUSINESSES?

Yes, we want to ensure that all of our time is spent helping other business progress. As much as we enjoy taking photos and videos, we learnt that niching yourself to a specific field is the best way to grow.

do you travel?

100% yes please!

Do you have a minimum charge?

Nope! Wether you have a big budget or are just starting your business we would love to work with you!

Whats best for my business? Facebook, Instagram, linkedin…

ALL OF THEM! Every platform is different and you don’t want to miss out on any of them! They all have their own characteristics that could work for your business in different ways.

how much do you charge?

This all depends on what you need. Do you want a couple of basic photos to post or would you like something that has a story, compelling or informative? Every task takes a different amount of time from concept to completion.