A little about us

Matty and Steph.jpg

So a punk moto kid and a hockey player walk into a bar… No wait, it was a job site… Either way the chances of two complete opposite guys connecting and becoming such great friends is very unlikely.

Matt and Steph met on a job site while running their own personal construction companies. While working jobs together, their bond grew strong and they connected in a strong way, solely based on the fact that they are both genuine and authentic people. 

Being genuine and authentic is exactly how they planned to run their media business. Matt has a passion for storytelling like no other and Steph is extremely passionate about business and entrepreneurship. Combined they have over 5 years of being behind a camera, have successfully built and maintained multiple businesses, and also have a degree in entrepreneurship. 

Together, they have built a media company that will take your business above and beyond you’re expectations, they believe that hard work and value is what builds businesses and brands that will bring new customers and will strengthen relationships with existing customers. Matt and Steph as a team will bring your personal brand/business to their fullest potential while staying as authentic and genuine as possible.